Cycling the TransAmazonian Highway

September 2016

I'm getting back on my bike. I'm teaming up with World Record holder and adventurer Reza Pakravan to cycle Brazil and Peru to raise awareness of the environmental issues taking place in the region.


Transamazonica is planned for September 2016 immediately after the rainy season. The route starts in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon River in the Atlantic and finishes in Lima at the Pacific Ocean. The expedition consists of two cycling legs and one leg travelling by boat up the Purus River.


We’re working with Samarcanda Film to film and turn the journey into an exciting four-part TV series. Given that Reza has a world record (or two) for “crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle” (as you do!) I may have to cycle harder than I’m used to! One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a great adventure. Follow our journey here...